What’s the baby’s name? Charlotte? Charlee?

What's the baby's name

Everyone keeps asking, “How do you spell ‘Charlee’?”, “How did you come up with her name?”, “Is it Charlotte, or Charlee?”. Well, let me explain.

My Thoughts on Amazon Prime…


I had toyed around with subscribing to Amazon Prime for quite a while, but never went with it. Finally, I posted a status to Facebook, and I decided to give it a shot. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, but … Continue reading

The Meaning of This Blog


You’re probably sitting back thinking, “Nikki hasn’t posted in forever. What the heck is her blog up for??” Yeah, that’s the same thought I had. Let me break down what this thing is to me…

Pregnancy Update | Vulnerability


18 Weeks Today… AND the start of month 5… Time is flying by! Also, if you don’t know by now, we’re having a Girl! Charlotte Ann, aka Charlee. 

I’m Still Here! | Update on Life.


Holy Cannoli! I literally have not updated on pregnancy, life, etc, etc, etc in 7 weeks!