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Long Time | No See! I’m Back!

WOW, it has been some time. I last posted a good month and a half ago, before surgery. Well, let me just say, life came up and that happens. Where to begin?!

Surgery went great! Recovery was a bit hard on me with this being my first surgery, ever! Doc wasn’t quite sure how big the cyst on my left ovary was until he got in there. To describe, it was the size of a large egg, and in-fact a dermoid cyst (Google definition: an abnormal growth (teratoma) containing epidermis, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands, derived from residual embryonic cells.) Yes, mine was half fluid, half solid, and for the sake of whatever you are doing, I won’t share what the other half was.

The best news of all, it did came back….


Waiting to get those results was a little shaky, but deep down I felt I had nothing to worry about.

In addition to the cyst, doc removed another fluid-filled cyst, and took care of some endometriosis that I had no idea existed within me. All in all, I was described to have got a “nice tune-up with my reproductive system”! Sounds good to me! With this being my first surgery, I had no idea what to expect. Leaving the house that morning at 6:30am to drive for an hour and a half, and really understand what all goes into surgery made me appreciate the entire staff that took care of me. I truly thought I would be back to work 2 days after going under, and having CO2 pumped into me, but boy was I wrong! I mentioned the recovery was tough on me. My 4 incisions weren’t bad at all. I did get queasy if I looked at them, so it took time to get used to them. The part that kept me overnight (which wasn’t planned) was the CO2 that was pumped in my abdominal cavity. If you’ve ever experienced this lovely gas, you know what I mean. Unfortunately there is no way to “dispose” of it, but let it absorb back into your body. If you’ve never been in this boat, let me explain the pain. When you are laying down there seems to be no pain, however, when I would stand, the gas rises and stops at your diaphragm which in turn causes pain in the shoulders. Imagine someone taking knives and stabbing your shoulders, over, and over… Not that I have ever been stabbed, but I imagine that’s how it would feel. A pain that lasted for a solid week. I refused to make the hour and a half drive home with that kind of pain, so I put my foot down with tears streaming down my face, “Danny. We are staying the night. I can’t do this.” He agreed, and bless his heart, he slept on a hospital cot that night.

I ended up returning to work the following Monday, still in pain, but I was heading in a positive direction, and fully recovered today! Without even expecting it, I got a natural cycle! I’ve talked about me with this process enough, but need to give credit to my amazing doctor, the nursing & medical staff, and OF COURSE, Danny. If you follow me or are friends with me on Facebook you’ll see my ‘brad posts’ I had about Danny. Our plan was he would only stay home with me that Tuesday and Wednesday, then I would be okay on my own that Thursday and Friday. If needed, we planned to have my mom hang with me. Nope, none of that happened. I wanted Danny and my side what seemed like 24/7. He took care of me and pushed me to walk laps around the house when all I wanted to do was lay in bed with the heating pad on my shoulders. I’m not big on taking pills, so I rarely took the pain meds I was given. He kept up with keeping the house clean, taking care of Grace, doing laundry, and really, keeping himself sane with being trapped inside with me! I could go on and on, but whether you know Danny personally, or just from my blog, you’ve learned, he is absolutely amazing. Heart of gold!

SO, where are we today? As you read above, I got a natural cycle after all of this which was amazing, I was not expecting that, but doc said everything he did are usually big factors in a cycle alone. Danny and I had a good talk we would revisit over several weeks, and finally decided with prayer that we are going to give this all a natural shot. We, most of all I’m learning that God does things all in His time, not ours. Neither of us want to force the process, rather enjoy our time together, and just let things happen. My sister-in-law, Allie also recommended a book to me called, The Fertility Diet.


This book has great ratings, and always there are some who don’t agree, but that’s fine. I decided I wanted to take a natural approach to this, and I’m taking it very seriously. Yes, I still like my coffee, but in moderation. This book  hits on PCOS & Endometriosis, and how diet plays a tole in all of this. When I say I love food, I love it. I’m that skinny girl that can throw back a whole plate of food and shock you when I do. However, I can still do that, but stay super healthy. I love my junk food, and don’t eat a lot of it, but every little bit makes a difference. I also have committed to doing yoga every morning. Even if that means it’s only a 15 minute sequence, I am still staying committed.

I also wanted to thank every single person that took the time to send me a Facebook message, leave a comment, send Danny a text, the emails, the goodies brought to me… You name it. The prayers, positive vibes and love all made the surgery a smoother journey.

On a bigger positive note… Today is my sister-in-law’s due date for baby boy!!! Let the wait begin for the big reveal….. !

Until next time,


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