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25 Random Facts About Me

25 Facts

Do you ever want to write, and hit writer’s block? That’s where I was, oh, about 10 minutes ago. I knew I wanted to blog, but I was questioning myself, “What can I write that will actually mean anything to anyone?!” Not that anything I do means much to anyone but myself. However, I like to think I am entertaining to some degree.  Maybe there are things people have questioned about me, but didn’t want to ask. Well, today is your lucky day. Maybe I’ll answer one or two today! You know the usual, I’m a daughter, wife, Christian, I deal with infertility, but I want to go deeper than that.

I figured, why not share 25 random facts about myself. Why 25? I have no idea. That number stuck, and I figured, I’m 25, let’s just roll with it.

  1. I love Classical music. From Claude Debussy to almost all Disney film scores. Listening to Disney film scores as we speak, props to Spotify.
  2. My real hair color? It’s dark, dark brown. Yes, literally. My mom is a hairdresser, so having her all my life has its perks!
  3. I have anxiety. I take medication, and I’m not ashamed. Yes, I know how to control it, just when life gets overwhelming at times, I may need to sit back and relax; no biggie.
  4. In my mind, I know I am 25, but deep down I still love Disney movies, and going to all the parks. Once again, a perk of only living one hour from Orlando!
  5. I get motion sickness. LIKE really bad. I drive Danny crazy with commenting on his driving, which it’s not bad at all, but when I start to feel sick I get very dramatic. So, if you know me, and offer to drive and I turn you down, don’t take offense that I don’t want to have a nice ride with you. Everyone who knows me knows I do it for my own good; to not be feel sick for the rest of the day!
  6. I truly, in my heart believe everything happens for a reason. I may never see the reason, but I believe good or bad, that was the plan.
  7. I don’t like our house being a mess. I don’t like dust, I don’t like dog hair all over, or the house to stink. Danny and I are a perfect team to keep the house clean.
  8. I am very shy around crowds of people I don’t know. I like to say that I am socially awkward. I prefer smaller settings, or to know everyone in this large setting. If not, I usually sit off to the side, or cling to one person I know because I’m that shy.
  9. I LOATHE folding laundry. I absolutely love throwing it in, drying, etc. However, recently, I have taken a liking to it; let’s hope it sticks!
  10. I love animals. I talk to them in baby voices, so if that annoys you, stay clear.
  11. Danny and I don’t have cable. We haven’t since the beginning of the year, and we actually enjoy not having it at all. We have Netflix, and Hulu; that’s enough in our opinion, and plenty of books to keep us busy.
  12. I love helping people from all walks of life. I don’t expect anything in return, it’s just what I like to do.
  13. I can count on one hand the amount of ‘close’ friends I have. I have a lot of friends, but on one hand I consider just the few I can tell my life to.
  14. I get cold very easily. It’s 90 degrees out, the A/C is on, and I’m sitting here with a blanket on. Danny thinks I’m crazy… I often agree!
  15. I am a complete nut. I LOVE laughing and enjoying life. I act so silly at home, and with you in public if I feel comfortable enough around you. My soul sister, Ashley, find us out in public, we’ll sing and dance for you. The family joke is we were separated at birth.
  16. I can often be a skeptic. The way the world operates today, it is very hard for me to easily trust people. I’m not rude, but I don’t trust easily. You’ll know when I do trust you, you won’t have to question whether I trust you or not.
  17. I love sarcasm. I can be VERY sarcastic, and never mean harm, but I love a good dry joke. I hand it out easily, and would like to say I handle what’s given to me in return.
  18. I believe in karma. What goes around comes around, which is why I believe in being good to all no matter what the circumstance. Be the bigger person is my motto!
  19. I’ve recently become obsessed with essential oils. I signed up to be a Young Living distributor, and enjoying this new journey. I have Thieves in my diffuser as we speak- Smells like Christmas, y’all!!!
  20. Some people may gasp at this one, or say, “That’ll change when you have kids”, but I don’t believe that because I have seen it to not be true in other women. I don’t want to be a stay-at-home-mom. I have NOTHING against it; I know so many women that are, and enjoy it. However, my joy is actually working in an office, interacting with others.
  21. I am a hygiene freak. After I eat, I don’t like bad breath, I don’t like going out if I don’t feel clean. I don’t mind getting dirty in the process, but to feel dirty when I should feel clean where I’m at, I get really antsy.
  22. I am SUPER ticklish. Danny is going to kill me for sharing this, but when we first moved into our house, we were each sitting on a couch and he thought it would be funny to tickle me, he just to happened to be in the line of fire when I kicked from being tickled, and I kicked him in the head. Yes, literally. Heal to forehead. I was crying from laughing so hard! To this day, actually, YESTERDAY, I was laughing about this! That’s a solid 4 years ago.
  23. I absolutely love living in Florida. To be near a beach, and go whenever I want, pure bliss.
  24. Sometimes I can be a ‘know it all’ with Danny. I can get snooty, and he does such a good job at putting me in my place, in a nice way, of course when I get like that!
  25. I am a Star Wars freak. How could I forget to leave this for the last one?! I told my coworker on May 4th what a Star Wars nut I have become, and his reaction, “Really?! I had no idea!” Yes, and the crazy part is I was so against the series that I was convinced I would never like it or watch a single movie. Nope, from movie 1, I was hooked!

So, that’s that. There are plenty of other things I can share, but you can either ask, or I can share at a later time. I’m like an open book, I don’t feel there is much I could hide. I guess I wouldn’t have a blog to share our story if I felt that way.


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