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5 Budget Friendly Date Ideas

Keeping the romance can seem extremely difficult when you’re on a strict budget. We get creative when it comes to enjoying each other’s company. In July we’ll be married for 3 years, so something has worked, right!? Danny and I came up with a quick list of 5 dating ideas that you can do on a budget. We like to live a rather frugal life, but we also love the nice things in life. Keep on reading for some simple, budget friendly date nights.

1.  Movie Night at Home. This is one of our favorite things to do. In fact, the day after Christmas this past year we watched all of our new movies, ALL. Day. Long! Danny parked himself in his “man chair”, and I grabbed some pillows and blankets and got comfortable on the floor. Danny is an avid movie connoisseur who knows practically any, and every movie. Me, on the other hand, I love movies, but I was never someone to see a movie on opening night. My current addiction is Star Wars. I saw all of them in a matter of one week right before Christmas, and fell in love with BB-8 in The Force Awakens!

2.  Game Night at Home… OR, At Your Favorite Park. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy games if you don’t have any. Asking a family or friend if you can borrow their stash for a bit is just as easy. Change up the scenery. Instead of sitting in, if it’s a nice day, go to your favorite spot to hang outdoors. Danny and I love playing corn hole; we get super competitive to the extent our family knows us as the ‘Dream Team’…. We even got shirts made before we got married!

{04 - 03 ... April 3, the date we started dating}

3. Homemade Pizzas. This was one of our first dates we had before we built our house and still flopped between our parents’ houses to hang out. I had never made a homemade pizza, so already knowing I love food, you can only imagine my excitement here! Ingredients can be budget friendly at your local supermarket. We have Publix in town. We grab a bag of dough, sauce, cheese, and any additional toppings we want. I attempted to make a heart my first go-around, and it was delicious!

4.  Go For a Walk. Living in Florida we have the luxury of living 10 minutes from the beach, but we also love taking walks in the neighborhood. Gracie loves tagging along for walks too. Take it a step further, and leave the electronics at home, or in the car so you aren’t tempted to text, Facebook, or like me, take a ton of pictures to blog later! Time alone leaves ample time to catch up on conversations you’ve been urging to have with your spouse or significant other that you haven’t had prior to the other distractions.

5.  Window Shopping. This one might not be for everyone if you’re tempted to shop no matter what your budget looks like, but Danny and I treat it like a way of dreaming, and setting goals to get where we want once we are financially stable to buy not necessarily all we want, but treat ourselves when the budget allows. Danny’s obsession is anything workout/Crossfit, or having to do with his gun. My obsession? Clothes, home decor, shoes… Need I say more? I love to shop, but I am able to control myself.

What are some budget friendly dates ideas you and your significant other like to do?

There are several more, but we wanted to narrow it down to a quick 5 that we do on a regular basis that can be done from wherever you’re from. We love doing several other ‘free’ things in town, but you’ll have to come to Daytona Beach to find those things!

Until next time. XO Nikki


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