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5 Ways to Live the Simple Life


Life certainly is not easy, but if there are 5 tips I can give in the 26 years I’ve been around, these are my 5 in no special order… OK, maybe #1 is my top priority!

  1. CALENDAR/SCHEDULE || This girl cannot, and I repeat, cannot function without a calendar of some kind. I use a Google calendar everyday at work, I have a dry erase board at home, and I also use a Bloom Daily Planner. I could easily use one calendar on my phone, but I don’t operate best that way for me, personally. I’m old school and still prefer writing things on paper for home, while also keeping the dry erase board updated so Danny and I can both see what the month looks like. Electronically is best for work since we work solely off Google products.
  2. PERSONAL TIME || This can mean a number of things. For me it’s my morning time reading my devotional book, for Danny it’s his CrossFit time. Don’t skimp time for yourself or else you will never be happy. You might be saying, “you try with a kid!”, and I still will devote time for myself when our family grows. I can’t make others happy until I, myself am happy.
  3. RID OF CABLE || Gasp! Get rid of your DirecTV?! We did! We actually haven’t had DirecTV since February 2016 and haven’t regretted it since. We mainly got rid of it at the time to cut back and save money, but it has made life so simple for us. Neither Danny or myself are bickering about who gets the big TV in the living room, or me wanting to watch my shows when I should spend quality time with him. None of that. Now, we do have Netflix and Amazon Prime, but truthfully we very rarely watch either. Even when I am typing a blog post, we are sitting in the living room together, talking & spending time together. Especially now! We are taking in every second before Charlee arrives!
  4. BUDGET || OK, I have to admit. I have never been the master when it comes to money. Danny and myself are human, and certainly not perfect. In order for us to get to the point of actually working off a budget we had to hit rock bottom a few times. Monthly I write down what bills are due, and we go over together what will come out, and look at what we have left. Sometimes I am close to slipping, but Danny catches me right away asking if we have the extra in that area of our budget. I talked about how we took the Dave Ramsey course in my 2016 Review post, and while it’s a wonderful system, we tweaked it a bit so it can suit us best.
  5. CLEAN HOUSE || There’s nothing better than  your house feeling clean. Am I right or am I wrong?! My suggestion? Clean up after yourself before you leave a room. Rinse your dishes so they’re not smelling if the dishwasher is running, wipe the counters down in the bathroom or kitchen, wipe your vanity down after putting on your makeup. Those are the few that I do on the daily, and it helps. Now, I’m not perfect and there are days (especially now) that I may be a bit lazy, but Danny is sweet enough to come behind me and help out. Y’all, I get stressed if the house is a mess! There is a difference between organized and clean, and I need it to at least be clean. I can organize the laundry later!



What are some ways that you make your life simple? I’m ALWAYS up for those suggestions, because, let’s be real, who doesn’t like a life that’s a tad simpler?!

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