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Auntie Nikki Has a Nice Ring! | Celebrating Baby Nephew.

baby brazis

Little Baby Brazis will be here before we know it!

Today we got to celebrate with Allie, my sister-in-law!

I cannot believe April will be here before we know it.  As I said from the get-go, I would introduce my family little-by-little. Today you get to meet my SIL, Allie. Her and my brother have been together for… years. I will leave it at that because Allie has been part of the Brazis family before her and Eric sealed the deal in 2014. We all found out late last year {2015} that they were expecting their first child!

Some people who had known Danny and I were trying for a while had the questions for me immediately, “Are you OK that your brother is having one first after you trying for so long? Are you jealous?” The questions went on… And are you kidding me?! Am I jealous or upset? Not. One. Single. Bit. I could not be more excited to become an Auntie! To go back a little on how we found out, Eric and Allie had planned to come into town to “visit” the family. I put visit in quotes because I had a feeling they were coming for something else. Something kept telling me, they’re pregnant. I told my mom on numerous occasions and she kept saying, “I don’t think so. They would tell us…” Nope, I was right. We all were playing games one night around the table at Mom and Dad’s, and Mom just so happen to win this game, and she was lucky enough to get a prize! The prize you ask? A picture of Baby Boy at 14 weeks!

So of course we all went nuts, hugging, crying, laughing…. All the emotions you can think of that displayed positivity. Questions were rolling left and right. “Do you think “its” a boy, girl??” Truthfully, from day 1 of us finding out, I thought he was a little boy, and sure enough, I was right! I won’t say what name that they have picked out yet, but I will say today was the day we got to celebrate this little guy.

 The best start to it all, I felt him kick!!! I immediately texted my brother out of excitement because, 1. I truly have never felt a baby kick in the womb before, and 2. that’s my little nephew. One of the many reasons I am blessed to have been pushed to start a blog is because at any time, I can come back here and see the memories made over the years. In the midst of Danny and I going through infertility, I want my nephew to know he is loved beyond measure. Aunt Nikki & Uncle Danny already love that little guy so much, and can’t wait to create a lifetime of memories. I thought 4 months ago I would be half way there, pregnant with Allie. In fact, I distinctively remember a conversation I had with Allie on the phone a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving telling her where we were on our journey. We both laughed and got excited to know I could have been pregnant right there with her, but I’m not the least bit upset I am not. We get to spoil Allie, and my brother, Eric with love and excitement. I know the second I get to hold Baby Boy, my heart will be filled.

It’s always special for a family when there is a first grandchild, and the first nephew. It’s ultra special for me because it really is a true first for me. Danny already has two nieces and a nephew, but to know this little guy will get to call me Aunt Nikki… Or whatever he comes up with, I can’t wait! Allie certainly has the “pregnancy glow”, and I can picture her reading this saying, “Ohhh, why thank you.” Haha, yes Allie you look fabulous!

Today was such a blessing to not only share with Allie and all of her close family & friends, but it was awesome seeing my mom light up for her first grandchild. We’ve all decided Mom will be ‘Mimi’ and Dad will be ‘Papa’. We had a great time while Allie opened all of her gifts as her friend was writing down everything she was getting. If there was an award for the “Most Gifts Given”, my mom would have taken that title. For a while it would be gifts opened from one person, then back around we would hear, “This is from Mimi and Papa”, Allie’s friend would laugh, jokingly saying she was running out of room to write all these gifts down!

It’s so sweet, my mom is over-the-moon excited, and when Danny and I get there one day, I look forward to seeing that glow in her eye.

A special note to Allie, Eric & Baby B: I am so blessed to have the brother, sister and soon to be nephew. To be able to feel your kicks before entering this world, my heart “grew two sizes” {quote from The Grinch!}. Baby B, your momma and daddy are going to spoil you with so much love, and I know you will succeed in all your heart desires. You have so many family & friends patiently waiting for your arrival, and ready to create lifelong memories with you. You have one special spot in Aunt Nikki’s heart… I may spoil you quite a bit, and sugar you up, THEN send you home to mommy & daddy, but shh. That’s our little secret! I pray for a healthy, happy life for you. Never give up on your dreams. Aunt Nikki & Uncle Danny love you so much, bud!

Leave a comment below with love for Allie, Eric & Baby B! April cannot come soon enough!!!


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