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#FreeEthan | Friday Night Fun

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Well, what better way to introduce our nephew and two nieces?

Everyone, meet Ethan, Ashley & Allyson. 


So, you’re probably asking if you saw my Facebook post or just the fact this post is called, #FreeEthan. Well, you’re just going to have to learn a little about each of them before I get to the juicy stuff!

Ethan: Senior at Stetson University, past Long Snapper for the Stetson Hatters Football team. His sister gives him the nickname, Chewbacca {you’ll have to piece together which sister that is}, and he can build stuff with wood. Keep that last point in mind.

Ashley: My dearest Harry Potter, British speaking, country singing niece who is more like a sister than anything! We just get each other. She’s a student at University of North Florida, knows football, and has the sense of humor that you sometimes don’t know if she’s serious or not. She’s usually serious, just so you know, but loves unconditionally. Also, she drives a red car. Remember that last face too.

Allyson: My mini me. She loves all things hair, nails, and makeup. She is in the 6th grade, and has a heart of gold. She went to her first concert this year {Carrie Underwood}, and cried when she came on stage. I told you, a heart of gold! She is also a mini Ashley and is starting to act and look like her. Yes, remember that fact too.

Alright, now that you have a quick ‘about me’ on each of them, you’ll understand the hilarity we got out of this evening’s shenanigans. Danny and I live in a newly developed community that is still building homes on the daily, so with that comes trash right? As mentioned earlier, Ethan can build some awesome things out of wood. Wine racks, plant holders, adirondack chairs, and best of all, corn hole boards!

So, it’s Friday night, Danny has been sick all week, so we had no plans but to hang out watching The Walking Dead Marathon. We were sitting here and heard the garage door open; all of our family knows the code, and Ethan lives with us part time since we are closer to his school. So, we thought nothing of it. Meanwhile I hear a helicopter fly overhead… Literally, around our house, with the spot light on. As a normal, concerned citizen I took it upon myself to look outside to make sure the ‘kids’ were okay and safe. I opened the door, and we have 2 cop cars coming down the road. I {literally} run up to the gentleman stopping at our house and asked, “What is going on?? I’m a bit concerned!” Next thing you know, the helicopter is now circling over us, and we have another 6 cop cars on our street. A female cop comes over to us and said a call came in for a burglary and “we” fit the description. Truthfully, I laughed because I thought she was kidding. NOPE, she certainly wasn’t. I said, “We? Who is we, ma’am?” {Remember to always use ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no sir’ with your elders, and those in an authoritative roll over you — there’s your tip of the day!}. She proceeds to tell us that Ethan, Ashley and Allyson fit the description, along with Ashley’s red car…

Me, “Okay? So what is going on again? If there is a robbery, shouldn’t you be around our neighborhood? That’s a little scary.” The female cop, “Ma’am, we are under investigation right now, I can answer all questions as soon as we are done.” Fair enough I thought, they need to do their job. Meanwhile, I asked her politely if I could run inside for some socks, my feet were freezing! By the time I came back out there was another male cop walking up to all of us, and said to Ashley, “Please tell me that is your ladder in your car…?” Ashley goes, “Ladder? What? That’s wood in there.”

hold the phone

Yes, I said it. Hello, “Live Positive”, I’m telling Jesus to take that wheel quick! At this point, I’m still confused out of my mind, but it dawns on Ethan what just happened. Wood, “ladder”, 2 females, 1 male “running”…. “I took wood from the dump over by those homes being built! Is that what this is all about?!” I lost it, I laughed and I laughed. Next thing I hear on the cop’s radio, “Do you have enough units?” I jokingly said, “There is more than enough!” The helicopter by this point has just left the ‘scene’, and we are still being held by the female cop. She proceeds to tell us that there was a call put in for 2 females, with a ladder, driving away from a ‘house’, and a man ‘running’ behind them.

Really, people?! Hence #FreeEthan! Bless our neighbors for watching out for the neighborhood, that’s great, but even the female cop proceeds to tell us, “Well, this’ll be a good drinking story later on!” Yes ma’am, even though I don’t drink, it will be hilarious! All over Ethan taking some scrap wood.

While still waiting to be “released”, the female cop said she needed to check for any warrants on Ethan and Ashley. Remember when I mentioned Allyson looks like Ashley and acts like her? That’s where this part comes. Something was said to the female cop, she laughed and said, “10-4. They cleared Allyson with her license. They thought the 12 year old was Ashley.” WHAT?!

I’m sure you have pieced this entire story together by now. All in all, we had a K-9 Unit, helicopter {literally} circling over our house, and 7 cop cars lining our street all because it was thought that Ashley and Allyson were using a ladder to break into a home with Ethan, who then “fled” the seen when he saw the cop’s spotlights hit him. The 2 females drove off as he ran behind. Now is an appropriate time for me to insert a big, fat Laugh Out Loud! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

I’ll introduce my sister-in-law and brother-in-law at a later time, but let’s just end this post with the fact we all had a great time explaining this story to them over the phone about their three lovely children. Lisa’s reaction verbally, “……….{long pause} YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!”, and her written response, “Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Oh, and Matt’s verbally, “WHO CALLED THE FREAKIN’ COPS???”

Hearing those reactions was like the cherry to it all! I like to say Danny and I are the ‘Clark Griswolds’ of the neighborhood.

I remember having hilarious run-ins with the police when I was living at home with my parents, but as the citizens we do have to simply respect they’re just doing their jobs. As long as you’re respectful, they are in return.

I also want to say Danny and I take great pride in honoring those who stand before us. Both in our country, and out of. We’re extremely thankful the cops reacted the way they did as funny as we all thought it to be. It makes us happy to know they care that much to bring half of their unit out over what seems a silly call. If that was a serious call, with a true robber in the neighborhood, I have to say, I would give all of those working an ‘A+’! Next time you see a police officer, medic, or fireman, thank them. Thank them for their service because as light of a case we were this evening, they’re all not that easy, and sometimes they can’t walk away laughing saying, “10-4”.

God Bless America.


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