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Taking a break . . .

So, I know first things first, I have been absent for a few days. Each day I wanted to write,  I just wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to share, so I had to take some time for myself & Danny to really re-channel our thoughts on what we’re deciding is best for us.

Last we updated you is that I was going to get surgery to remove the stingy cyst on my left ovary. However, after not naturally starting my cycle on the day our Dr. advised me to call, I really started to think about everything as a whole. That was this past Wednesday, day 32. Come Thursday, I called our Dr.’s nurse and she asked if I took a pregnancy test before I was prescribed medication to start this process again, I told her no, and the soonest I can get that done is Friday. I did as I was told, and it came up negative, as expected since Danny and I decided to put things on hold for a bit. I received two messages from the nurse on Friday asking if I took the test, and she was checking in. To be totally honest, I had no intentions of calling back.

Sometimes we just need a mental break. Whether that’s from one thing to another, and this one thing was the fertility journey. When I got home that evening, I sat down to talk to Danny and told him I want to reevaluate if surgery is what’s truly needed. You may ask why all of a sudden, out of the blue we are now questioning the surgery. Long story short, I found out we would have to pay for the surgery upfront due to the fact our doctor is now underneath another medical group, that of which requires full payment prior to surgery. My insurance only covers so much, and for personal decisions, Danny and I choose not to use credit cards; so at this point, surgery seemed out of question.

Danny and I both realize my health is extremely important, and no dollar can compare to that, however, when we say we’re following God’s plan, we mean it. Oddly we felt this was a sign to simply step back, and get a second opinion, while just taking a mental break altogether. You’re probably asking, “Well, did you ask if you can do payments?! Does insurance cover?!” Trust me when I say, I have asked every question in the book. There are a few questions Danny and I have thought of over the weekend that we will ask our doctor come Monday.

Now, remember when I said we would always vow to end on a positive note? Well, guess what? I started my cycle, completely natural Saturday morning. There’s a reason I didn’t call my doctor’s nurse back, and there’s a reason I was getting the notion that I needed to just let this be for a bit. It is very rare, and when I say rare, it is very rare for a cycle to start natural for me. This cycle we want to give it a natural shot, and I am going to give temping a shot again. My mom so graciously pre-ordered the Kindara Wink for me. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

Sometimes in life we get these feelings to simply step back, take a break, and just breathe. As much as Danny and I want to be parents, we realize that it’s not in ‘our’ time, it’s in His timing. I’m not going to stop blogging because, well, we are still trying, people!! HAHA, BUT, we are giving this a natural shot for a while, and in the meantime going to get a second opinion on what to do about this cyst.

Trust me, I will keep you updated, along with our crazy-filled life!

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