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Happy Birthday, Danny!

Today we celebrated a special day! Danny’s 32nd Birthday!

I begged and begged for Danny to take the day off, because c’mon, it’s your birthday, Bub! Enjoy the day off! Well, after some thinking of what we could do on a budget, I remembered my parents gave us a gift certificate for Christmas, and this was the best time to use it.

Danny did his usual routine, woke up early and headed out for a Crossfit class, and came home feeling refreshed… And in pain. I had one thought in my mind, |perfect!|. His plan for the rest of the day was to ‘just go with the flow’ and not think about work, or anything else for that matter.

Ashley & Ethan our niece and nephew {who yes, are very close in age to us that I stay on first name basis, lol}; anyways, they wanted to come over and fish in the lakes around the neighborhood. As usual, Ashley caught the most fish- GO GIRL!! It’s at times likes these that remind us that even though we don’t have our own children right now, we have this time to share with family creating memories that last a lifetime.

{At a later time I’ll introduce everyone in, what I call ‘The Fam Bam’ on Danny’s side and mine.}

|Side note: That is a sign saying we aren't supposed to fish, but in this family, we like to live on the edge|

While the three of them were out fishing and enjoying this beautiful Florida day, I was at a lunch meeting, and made a very clear note to Danny, “Be ready by 2pm. That’s the latest I should be home so we can leave in time.” His response? “Got it!” Well… I come home 2:05pm and my dearest is sitting at the counter hanging out still. I said, “Bub! We have to be somewhere, go shower, let’s go!” Thankfully Danny takes quick showers and we were out the door in about 15 minutes. At this point Danny wasn’t sure of where we were going. You see, when insurance doesn’t cover infertility, you pay the bulk out of pocket, so that puts Danny and I on a very tight budget. That is perfectly okay with us because as we keep saying, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

I asked Danny as I was driving out of our neighborhood, “Babe, where do you think we are going??!” His response, “Well, considering you said it was free. I’ve been thinking and I feel like we are going on a tour of Daytona Beach on one of those land to water buses.” I chuckled and thought, ‘too cute. I love him!’, then on the other thought I agreed with him that I’ve been on that tour too, and it actually was a great time! However, that’s not what was on today’s agenda.

So, do you remember me mentioning the gift certificate my parents gave us? That’s where this comes into play. My mom works for a Salon/Day Spa in town and she knows we love doing relaxing activities together. Her and Dad bought us a one hour COUPLES MASSAGE. After we were given water with cheese & crackers since neither of us drink, hence that’s where the ‘wine & cheese’ deal would be, we were given the choice of going into a salt room or the sauna. We chose the salt room, which I’ve heard is good for the respiratory system, better sleep, prevention of cold & flu, and the list goes on. I never had been in before, but as many times as I visit my mom at the hair salon, I always passed by. We loved it to say the least!

It was really nice spending the afternoon together in such an intimate way that required {literally} no work on our end, but pure relaxation. As we sat in the salt room together we chowed down on our snacks and water {everyone knows, we love food!}, but we also shared some really sweet laughs together. We talked about our first year of marriage, we talked about how far we’ve grown, and that we are blessed to share these moments together. Danny’s massage therapist was telling us she got married last year in May, and is in that first year of marriage. She jokingly asked us for any advice. My reaction, “Oh man. Just stick it out! Talk through things. That first year can really be tough.” Danny told her, “Compromise. Just tell your husband to shake his head and say it’ll be okay. OH! And ‘happy wife means happy life’! I had to laugh because while Danny strives to make happy, we do completely agree that compromising is key.

{A later post I’ll dive deeper into our first year of marriage.}

However, that’s not where the fun ended! We got in the car and I asked Danny, where to now? He thought for a bit, then said, “Let’s go to the beach.” I took the way we love, driving by the beautiful older homes off the river, then made our way over to the beach for an evening walk. I had to laugh because, me being a true Floridian girl, born & raised, and still living in the same town, I had on jeans, my TOMS, a short sleeve shirt, and a simple shawl over me. I see these other people walking around with mittens, scarves, and practically parkas! Danny and I on the other-hand, we enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We made more sweet memories together. One thing we brought up again is we are blessed to spend this time together. As much as we want to be parents, God is not ready to make that change in our lives, and we are OK with that. We are given more time to spend together as a couple, and over the past year & a half, our relationship has strengthened on such a level I never knew was possible. While we were out, I snagged some pictures of the goodies I found. I left the sponge there, but was tempted to take it home to our ‘beach-themed home’.

Finally, our last stop was Five Guys. When it’s you’re birthday in the house, you choose where you want to eat. Danny chose his favorite burger joint in town. We both got the burger bowls, with {of course} a side of fries. The crew was even sweet to write ‘Happy Birthday!’ on Danny’s bag!

All in all, today was a wonderful day if I had to judge. The person’s whose opinion means the most to me is Danny. Without even asking, when we got home he gave me a big hug and said, “Thank you so much for one of the best birthdays yet! I love you so much!” It simply warms my heart hearing that. It warms my heart even more that my parents gave us such a generous gift. It certainly isn’t the best financial situation we’ve ever been in, but you know what? We wake up every single day breathing, with a warm bed, electricity, food, and all the amenities others don’t have. What we have is enough. You’re probably wondering, ‘so what was his gift from you??’, well, that’s what comes with budgeting. I say that with the most positive sounding tone one could picture to hear. Birthdays and holidays aren’t about the gifts. Our gifts consist of our love for each other. You’re probably thinking, ‘what a cheesy love story!’, but it’s true for us. I don’t expect diamonds or a brand new purse on every occasion, and Danny doesn’t expect new gun accessories, or a new video game. All we expect from each other is that, |each other|.

Thank you again for following us on our journey. We’ve been showered with such an abundance of comments. We know everyone may not agree with our way of sharing, but as we’ve said in the past, we believe prayer is absolutely strong, and it is BEYOND appreciated from the both of us. If that’s the least we can ask from society, then that is the most in our eyes.

Until next time. XO Nikki

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