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Hi! If you’re reading this, there are only one of two things. You either know me, or want to get to know me. So, thanks for visiting, because my husband and I are very excited to share our story, or stories I should say. To give a little history, my husband Danny and I got married July 20, 2013 in the beautiful sunny Florida. In July of 2014 we decided we wanted to start trying for children. Let’s just say from the time we got married, to our 1 year mark, we were not preventing anything from surprisingly happening. Our doctor was aware, and after a year of nothing happening, we decided to see my OB/GYN again and talk about options. She did some blood tests, and flopped around the idea that I may have PCOS {Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome}, which essentially is a slew of symptoms that range from being overweight to underweight, having a regular cycle, not having a regular cycle. I think you get me.

So, in July 2014 I was put on Clomid, and after a severe reaction that left me bedridden, Danny and I both decided this was not for me. I started to do my research, reading, asking my doctor questions, you name it. My doctor decided to go forward with some more tests to confirm in December of 2014 that I indeed had PCOS. My symptoms are that of an irregular cycle, many eggs, but my body just doesn’t produce the right hormones to make this all “work”.

After months of giving Femara {Letrozole}, hCG trigger shots, acupuncture, herbs, meditation… You. Name. It. Danny and I felt it was time to see a Fertility Specialist. We absolutely love my OB/GYN, and our Acupuncture Physician, but they both understood that Danny and I have been on this road long enough to want answers quick. August 2015 Danny had his first appointment to get checked, and following that in October we were in for our first consultation.

First step was letting my cycle attempt to start on it’s own, and if it didn’t that was going to be induced, which that happened to be the case. Our doctor wanted to do an HSG {Hysterosalpingogram} test on me to ensure my tubes and cervix looked good. The beauty about that test is you get results right there during the test. My results you ask? *Textbook perfect*! Alright, so that was one thing checked off. Next step was waiting for my cycle to start again, then if it didn’t, it would be induced, which again was the case.

By this time we are into December 2015, and have a plan in place. 1. induce my cycle, 2. start taking Femara CD {cycle days} 2-8, 3. Ultrasound on CD12. AND that’s where we come to another bump in the road. It’s like God was saying, “Wait, wait, just wait.” Day 12 we find out that the Femara did produce a mature follicle that would have been ready for our IUI {Intrauterine insemination} 4-5 days later, BUT there’s that bump God told us to wait on. Our doctor got a little silent and I immediately started asking… “Doc, talk to us. What’s wrong? No follicle?” {at that point we didn’t know if we had any follicles}. He proceeded to tell us that he sees some sort of formation on the outside of my left ovary, and that’s when the pain got a tad worse during the scan. He began to tell Danny and I that he is concerned of this cyst because half of it is fluid-filled, while the other half is solid. It measures about 3cmX4cm, which isn’t the smallest thing in the world, but it is still a major concern. Of course, we threw questions out left and right, first and foremost, cancerous?? He reassured us that he saw no chance of this being cancerous, but in event of us going forward with the IUI it could pose as a pregnancy risk. Then, he said the word I should be most fearful of… SURGERY.

He gave us a ton of information, so Danny and I took that weekend to pray on it all, digest what we found out, and we all agreed that we would get back on a decision come that Monday. So, Danny and I decided surgery was it. We felt God was telling us to put this pregnancy deal on hold, and get me in better shape so this wouldn’t be a risk to have surgery once I do get pregnant.

That’s where we are today. The beginning of February 2016, waiting on a cycle to start so I can get scheduled for surgery to remove the cyst, and be on with this journey.

This may be a super boring journey for some to read, but that’s OK. Danny and I don’t expect to entertain or enlighten all, but one thing we do want people to learn from our journey whether you’re trying to conceive or not is God pulls us through only what we can handle. Our true testimony to this all is that we have completely put all trust in Him, and are not scared of what’s to come. We know God gave us our doctor for a reason, to find out answers, and to address these bumps before we DO get pregnant. We aren’t worried that we won’t, but just following His lead.

Stay positive through the tough times, and don’t feel sorry for us! We want others to see every day won’t be a walk in the park for us, but through it all we have vowed to stay positive, enjoy each other’s company, and do what we can in our power to stay healthy, and ready.


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