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I’m Getting Surgery.

positive vibes

Positive. Positive. Positive.

If you read yesterday’s post, you probably got the idea I wanted to pull my hair out, cry, and everything else in-between. I am beyond thankful for our Fertility Doctor, and the care he has for his patients. Yesterday evening, he took the time to call me and talk about the surgery we had discussed last month.

Out of frustration, I had called the office yesterday to cancel because I was last told a payment plan was not an option.

Well, long story short, it is. I was not made aware, unfortunately, BUT, the fortunate matter is this is a quick, simple out-patient surgery that is necessary to get taken care of. I have a cyst on my left ovary, that is half fluid-filled, half solid. My doctor does not suspect it to be cancerous, but before we move forward Danny, myself and our doctor agreed to get the cyst out, get a pathology, and call it a day. I’ve never been “under the knife”, let alone put out for any procedure, so this is certainly a first for me. Some may ask, “Are you scared??” My answer, “No. Not really, actually.” I have A LOT of trust in my doctor, and I am very thankful this was found now, rather than later.

I believe if I go into surgery with the thought everything is going to go wrong, I’m going to be nervous, I’m this, I’m that… Well, then it will be that. However, I told Danny, I am going in with my head held high, positive that once I come to, and take that hour drive home from the hospital that I know I will be in pain, but I am going to push through and say, “I WILL be OK!” It’s also one step closer to becoming pregnant. Should all go as planned, our doctor said we can start giving this all a try for baby again in 1-2 months. That’s not long at all! I am super confident that the surgery will go smooth, and I will recover just fine. I can’t allow myself to think negatively, or else that will spike my anxiety through the roof, and let’s be real…. Where does thinking negative EVER get us? NO WHERE! Absolutely no where.

I’m going March 1st early in the morning for my pre-op, then my surgery is scheduled for the afternoon. I’m asking for prayers, upon prayers that all will go well! I appreciate every prayer sent up, because I whole-hardheartedly believe prayer is the strongest thought, or thing one can receive.

Danny and I will keep you updated come the day of surgery, mostly from Facebook (click here to follow), so make sure you follow us there!

Live out the positive vibes in life, and enjoy each day to its fullest!


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