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I’m Still Here! | Update on Life.


Holy Cannoli! I literally have not updated on pregnancy, life, etc, etc, etc in 7 weeks!

One thing is for certain is that things are going great! I am through my first trimester, and just hit my 15 week mark on Tuesday.


I can’t believe I am this far into pregnancy as I am. My first trimester wasn’t all that bad. To summarize a bit, I didn’t have morning sickness, I was getting a spell of migraines almost daily. I couldn’t pinpoint what was triggering these until my mom mentioned, “Maybe you’re getting caffeine headaches.” I wasn’t quite convinced because I didn’t think my 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day for just the past few months really had affected me that bad. However, I called my doctor and she even said, “Absolutely! That is more than likely what is going on because everything else looks great.” OKAY, convinced, and of course if my doctor is going to give me the ‘green’ on having one serving of caffeine a day, I’m all for whatever can help me at this point! So, since then, which was around 10 weeks, I’ve had a little caffeine a day, and *knock on wood*, no migraines since then. However, one issue I have been battling is back pain. It’s not my entire back, but just below my left shoulder-blade only. I’m not sure if this is because I’ve put on an extra 7 pounds that I’ve never had on my body before, or what it could be. Certainly it’s only been going on since pregnancy, so I have a few doctors lined up that I plan to call this week to next for a chiropractic appointment. I told Danny, this back pain won’t work for 6+ more months! I draw the line with pain if it puts me in those dramatic movie tears that make you look so pathetic… Mascara running, the dog looking at me like I’m crazy, and me talking to myself. NOPE, this mama needs help!

Should all go well, at 16 weeks we are going to find out what our little baby is. Boy… Girl…? All along I have thought girl, but just recently I have been getting boy vibes. However, in the end, all we hope for is a health baby. We are throwing a Gender Reveal party for close family & friends should baby want us to see what they are! 🙂

As for now, that’s about all I have. Aside from my back pain, I can’t complain, and even when I am in pain, I tell myself I would rather all of this than not be pregnant at all.

I’m just awaiting the day we get to meet our bundle of joy!



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