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My Thoughts on Amazon Prime…

I had toyed around with subscribing to Amazon Prime for quite a while, but never went with it. Finally, I posted a status to Facebook, and I decided to give it a shot.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, but with products I love!

The neat thing about Prime is you can cancel anytime and receive a refund. The funny thing is, I actually unknowingly subscribed about a year ago not knowing what it was, and saw a $99 charge on our card then freaked out! I logged on right away, canceled every avenue associated with Amazon because I had no idea what I did, and never looked back.

Then, in February 2016 Danny and I decided to cut back on a few bills to save some money, and cable was one of them. We still wanted to watch certain programs, but felt we didn’t need DirecTV with as little TV that we watched. So, we settled on Netflix and Hulu. Netflix we still have, but we put our Hulu subscription on hold for a year since we weren’t really using it.

With a baby on the way, and all the rave I was seeing about Prime, I decided to post a status to Facebook and get the opinion of others. I would say it was a 90/10 rate of saying, “Go for it!”. The other 10% didn’t really use it, and it wasn’t for them. Fair enough.

I decided to give the trial a test, and immediately Danny and I were hooked! Now, I won’t say every single thing we buy is cheaper on Amazon, but we have found quite a few things to be significantly cheaper than what it prices at the stores down the road. Not to mention, the free 2 day shipping is AWESOME!

Some of the products we have bought are: Danny’s whey protein , iPhone case and BodyGuardz screen protectormy 2017 yearly plannerSlaying the Debt Dragon book (LOVE so far!),  and some personal items as well. All of which have been up to 50% cheaper than what I would have paid in the store. I can wait the extra 2 days to save that much money!

I am especially excited to use it once the baby arrives so I can do the Subscribe and Save on baby diapers, wipes, etc. A few women have raved about the savings with those type of essentials, and if you’re like me, I want to save every penny I can. We work for our money, so we should dictate where it goes! As Dave Ramsey would say! The Holidays are also right around the corner which makes shopping for this preggo SO much easier! I don’t like crowds of people in certain situations, so this certainly works out very nice for me.

I definitely encourage you to give it a shot! I was hesitant at first too, but it’s paid off for Danny and I. I really love all of the benefits between Prime Books, Prime Music, and Prime TV/Movies! Danny was on cloud 9 when he saw the Rocky movies were there to watch. I’m on cloud 9 with free books, and free shipping! You can either pay for the year at $99 or pay monthly. Of course, if you pay the year, you end up saving in the end, but for our budgeting the monthly works better for us, which is $10.99 a month. Also, if you’re a student you can get a 6-month trial and after that ends you’re eligible for 50% Prime Membership.

Let me know what you think if you have it, had it, or unsure!


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