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New Year. New Goals | 2017


Goals are super important to set, in my opinion, but realistic ones. I have a goal to be debt free, but saying we will be debt free by tomorrow at 3:00pm is not realistic. The cliché gym going goal is not for me. I do, however, have some goals in mind for the new year. AND maybe, just maybe… Well, hopefully, I stick through to these because not only do I plan to really hold myself accountable, but I have a little one that will be watching my every move here on out for a lifetime.

SPIRITUALLY I always make a goal to deepen my relationship with God. Last year Danny and I set a goal to find a new home church, and that we did. However, life came before us this past year and we put church going off to the side, which is something we weren’t proud of. This year my goal is to attend church every Sunday that we can. Not only that, but reading my devotional book Danny bought me every morning. He actually bought me my first ‘mom’ devotional, and I am LOVING it so far! This is the one he bought me, Moments with God for Moms: 365 Devotions (LuxLeather) and I highly recommended getting it if you’re a momma needing one for the new year!

PERSONALLY I plan to get into a workout routine after Charlee arrives, and I get the green to normal everyday activities again. I was reading a post Katie put on her blog, Katie Did What about Stroller Strides. I was intrigued about momma’s working out together locally with the stroller and their little one. So, I looked into the program and there is a local group in the Port Orange area that I didn’t want to pass up. I was pleasantly pleased with the leader who reached out to me, and was SO sweet! I didn’t feel pressured, and appreciated her understanding of my want to pass on classes right now, and wait until I have the baby. It’s important to me to get back to my pre-pregnancy body because not only does Danny work out religiously, but I want Charlee to see that in me as well. I also want to build relationships with momma’s in town!

WIFE goals I want to do are continue building a solid relationship with Danny and I. I will say, our first year of marriage was rough, as are most, but we pulled through those firsts and came out even stronger. I’m sure our first year of parenthood will test us in ways we didn’t know imaginable, but I want to continue building upon that solid relationship we have. How do we that? Put God first. I want to continue growing in being the best supporter for him with him being a football coach and mentor to all of those boys on the field. Most of all, I want to show Charlee how proud I am to be her Daddy’s wife and what it is to be a loving, nurturing, and successful soulmate.

Of course, my long-term goals are to continue chipping away at our debt, growing in my position at work, and growing my blog. These are three that build over time with me, and will never stop. What goals do you have planned? Do you think you’ll stick to them? Maybe you’re a visual person, more than just writing things down, or storing them in that busy mind of yours. Make it a fun activity to make a goals board. Cut out images from a magazine, or print ideas off the internet. The sky’s the limit!

Make goals, but make them realistic, my friend, and you will succeed!

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    1. LOVING it so far! It’s nice because it caters to what I feel like is a younger momma, versus my mom? Haha. The first day was about hashtags as funny as it sounds, but it all tied into scripture 🙂

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