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My Plan to Lose Baby Weight

Plan to Lose Baby Weight Nikki Stein

Once Charlee arrives, and I get the green to start getting back to my pre-baby body, I’ve got to have a plan in place. I’m a planner, people! You should know this by now, ha-ha! However, I am aware that plans sometimes don’t go as planned… Kind of like this blog, but that’s okay. Nevertheless, here’s my down-low of what I have in mind.

Eat Healthier | This is probably the obvious of all because I should have done this my ENTIRE pregnancy, but I didn’t. I wasn’t perfect. I liked my sweets, I liked my Chick-fil-A like it was the bomb.com! HOWEVER, I know eating healthy is SUPER important when breastfeeding. At least, those are tidbits I have received from fellow mama’s, along with the research I’ve done on my own. I need to eat a well-balanced diet, along with drinking more water in the day. My goal, 100 oz. a day, which is easily attainable by drinking 5 Tervis  water bottles. I started making a variety of mason jar salads again, and drinking smoothies in the morning.

Get My Workout On! | Holy cannoli, folks. I told Danny the other day, who if you don’t know is an avid CrossFit athlete that if I learned one lesson during my first pregnancy, it’s that I will workout the next go around. I started out with it, but I’m more than certain that if I kept up with it, my back probably wouldn’t be hurting as bad as it does.

Yoga Is My Go To. | I’ve tried CrossFit, and personally, it’s not for me, but I support it for my husband completely! In fact, I love watching the sport, but it’s not my thing. I prefer at home yoga. I often find YouTube videos online with free workouts ranging anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. There’s nothing more relaxing than grabbing my yoga mat, yoga blocks, and my yoga belt to get in a decent workout.

Fit 4 Mom//Stroller Strides | Katie Reyes at Katie Did What introduced me to this, and I immediately looked up to see if this is offered in my town, and sure enough it is! Moms get together with their babies, and workout. What better motivation that is! There are indoor locations they workout in, and outdoor areas too. I must add, the outdoor areas are some nice parks, and shopping areas. WIN-WIN for me!

Heal My Stretch Marks… If at all possible. | I didn’t have these puppies for the longest time, and bah-bam they showed up out of nowhere around week 36. My lower belly started to get a little itch no matter how much of my lotion I was applying. Finally, I asked Danny, “Why do I itch |here|?!” Right away he gave me the answer I figured it was… I earned my tiger stripes for carrying Charlee! I actually don’t look at them as a negative because even if I can’t get rid of them completely with my Gentle Baby Essential Oil, they will forever represent my Charlotte girl and the journey we had together.

Are you a seasoned or new momma with any tips?! I always love a good pointer that I could possibly use!

I’m definitely ready to meet Charlee, and cannot wait, but as I’ve been saying, this is all SO bittersweet. She’s my little motivation to workout and be a healthy representation for myself & her!

2 thoughts on “My Plan to Lose Baby Weight

  1. I just had my third baby and losing the weight has been so much harder this time. Reading this has encouraged me not to give up. Good luck with your goals and be sure to take time to get all those newborn snuggles in!

    1. Hi Logan! I’m so glad you feel encouraged!! XO I cannot wait for those baby snuggles! It’s so bittersweet as I’m sure you know being a seasoned mama (haha), that I want to meet Charlotte SO BAD, but I’ll miss her being with me 24/7. Definitely keep me updated on your progress! I love to encourage others, and have others encourage me 🙂

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