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Danny and I are VERY excited to announce that God has answered prayers beyond measure. We first and foremost give ALL the Glory to Him for blessing us with our miracle! Secondly, we thank YOU, our family, friends, coworkers, and followers of our blog for your continued support and prayers with us!

We are due February 8th, 2017 — Danny’s Birthday to be exact!

Many have been asking for our story, and an update on the blog to say the least, but truthfully, I didn’t know what to write about these past 4 weeks of knowing this news without giving the secret away. So, here it goes from the beginning…

 As you may remember, I had surgery to remove a Dermoid cyst on March 2, 2016. I was told nonchalantly from our doctor that this would probably be the reason I haven’t been able to conceive. Not knowing this cyst had been there the past three years and missed on my yearly scans, it had grown to the size of a large egg. If you know me and my size, you probably are asking yourself… “Where did that thing stay?!” I have no clue! Doctor said easily buried inside which is why it needed to be removed. Along with that surgery he took care of some Endometriosis that I never knew existed. Essentially, not to get TOO graphic, he told me, “Nikki, you just got a nice tune-up!” Danny and I laughed thinking NOTHING of the joke.

 By the time I went for my check-up a couple of weeks after surgery, of course, our first  question was, “When can we give this a shot again?” Doctor said, let’s wait until the end of April and I’ll see you again and give you the ‘green’. Fast-forward to the end of April, and we were given the okay. After I had my surgery, to when we found out I was pregnant I only had one cycle. I decided to order an essential oil serum from Young Living with all the reviews and testimonials I had read.


I read that it was good for PCOS, Infertility, and Endometriosis. All three that I’ve dealt with. I figured the worst that would happen is it wouldn’t work with me, but it’s essentially an all natural form of progesterone. I started using this on May 13th. Five days later I started seeing signs of ovulation and didn’t want to pass the opportunity up. Literally, every testimonial I came across, women were saying, “I tried IUI, IVF, and many fertility treatments for years. The one cycle I gave this serum a shot, I got pregnant!” I said to myself, “RIGHT.” So, we gave it a shot, with A LOT of prayer. Nightly asking God to please just lead us in the direction he wants us heading, and that we continue following His will set forth for us. We knew if this didn’t work after so long that we would just keep praying for God’s guidance on when we should return to start treatments again with our doctor.

June 1st, 2016 rolls around, and nothing major felt different. I had to use the restroom, and noticed two tests in the bathroom closet. When I say ‘something’ or ‘someone’ told me to take those tests, and just TRUST, I did just that. Waited the few minutes the package typically tells you, browsing Pinterest in the bedroom like any other night, and went to look at the results. POSITIVE, POSITIVE on not one, but two! Danny was in the living room doing (what I call) his Crossfit yoga, ROMWOD, so I certainly didn’t want to interrupt him during his zen. I waited about 10-15 minutes until he was done, and yelled from our bathroom… “Hey Danny… Come here for a sec.” He comes walking in and I said, “Umm…. so…. something told me to test… and that’s what I got (pointing).” Danny’s response, “What’s that mean?!” Honest as can be, he had no idea. I don’t blame him, he never knew what a positive looked like because I was always getting negatives that I didn’t bother to even show him. I said, “Those, my love, are positive pregnancy tests….” Danny, “WHAT?! Wait. Positive? Like, you’re pregnant?!” “YEP! But I don’t want to believe it yet because 1. I haven’t had a cycle in about 60+ days and I thought I had already ovulated a month ago, and 2. Maybe the tests are faulty. Let me run to Target, grab a couple more and we’ll see what we get.” “OK, but PLEASE be careful when you go.”

I did just that, I ran to Target and bought Clear Blue and First Response. Two well-known brands I figured I couldn’t go wrong with. I made sure to buy the Clear Blue where you get the one digital test that predicts how many weeks post ovulation you are. I went home thinking I am probably going to get negatives. There’s no way I am pregnant. I mean, there is a way, but I haven’t taken any fertility meds, NOTHING. Just the essential oil serum. I took four more tests, and every single one came back positive. Oh, the Clear Blue, that one told me I was 1-2 weeks, which in-turn meant I was probably 4-5 weeks along, SUPER early. Once again, Danny and I were floored! Danny made sure to pray over the both of us that night thanking God, and to please guard our hearts no matter what the true answer was.

That next morning, at 7:01am, on the dot I called our doctor and told them the news, anxiously asking for a blood test. I went in about an hour later and was told the results would probably be back before 12pm. I  had a million questions about, “could those be false-positive tests?!”, my nurse kept laughing and looking at me saying, “I highly doubt it, Nicole. You’re more than likely pregnant.” It just so happens that same day I organized a lunch meeting at work, and the restaurant had ZERO service. Of all days! We got out from lunch at 12:45pm, and I had a voicemail from my nurse to call her back that the results came in… However, the office is closed till 1pm for lunch. That was THE LONGEST wait you can imagine. Once again, I called back at 1:03pm, on the dot and immediately asked for my nurse. The receptionist sounded rather happy for me, so I got happy, but still didn’t want to get my hopes up. My nurse came on the phone…. “Hi, Nicole! I have your results, you are pregnant!” I said, “WHAT?? Seriously???” She said, “Your levels look great, and if I had to guess you’re about 4-5 weeks along, so we will retest on Monday to see where your levels are and go from there.”

IMMEDIATELY, I called Danny…. “Danny? Can you talk? Oh my gosh, babe. I’m pregnant! We’re pregnant!!!!” Ready for his reaction? *Silence*. “Babe???” Danny, “SERIOUSLY?! OH MY GOSH! No way!!!!!” I couldn’t do anything but jump up and down screaming, smiling while my emotions were on cloud 9!

My boss was generous to let me leave a little early that day so Danny and I could prepare what we had been for years on how we were going to tell each family member. I’ll post those reactions at a later time… That’s a blog post in itself!

Fast-forward to our first ultrasound at 6 weeks, 5 days, doctor said baby’s heartbeat is perfectly healthy, and the fluid around baby looks great. He told us he didn’t see a reason we had to return to his office, so he has since released us from his office and we see a brand new doctor this week who will deliver our little nugget and treat me the rest of this pregnancy. Doctor also added, I did ovulate from the ovary I recently had surgery on.

I can’t say for sure that I got pregnant from the essential oil serum, even though I think that is a HUGE reason, but one thing I can say is our faith in God has never failed. Through thick and thin Danny and I have had highs and lows during this journey. Days of laughing, and days of crying. The one who never failed us was our Lord Savior. The prayers we received from those we know, and those we don’t know are what God was listening to. We know for sure this baby is a miracle from God. I’ve been longing for this day the past 4 weeks we’ve known to give our testimony of faith in Him. Don’t ever lose that faith. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, or you’re in that waiting season for your soulmate, your perfect job… Whatever your situation is, keep your faith. That is the last thing you have to hold onto no matter how difficult life gets. I am one to speak. Since I got pregnant I am no longer taking my anxiety medication. You may ask, “How?!” The only ‘how’ I have for you is my doctor weened me off properly, I didn’t stop cold turkey. However, in the end, it’s all God’s timing. I remember times of frustration with God wondering, why not now, God?? I have a great job, we’re financially in a great spot… But, there is a reason for His timing, always. One thing Danny and I say is, this timing was perfect, not because it is on OUR time, but it is on God’s time, and we appreciate this baby more than we ever thought possible. Our love for our little nugget (official nickname from Danny) grows on the daily. Sometimes I wake myself up in the middle of sleeping at night just rubbing my belly. Even though I have the tiniest of bumps, only noticeable to Danny and myself given I’m so small, but it’s so soothing and comforting to feel that motherly love for our baby.

For now, I leave you here. Yes, I will still be posting blogs! I plan to post weekly updates when things really start to change! I want to be able to look back on my journey of first becoming a momma. Again, I don’t feel ‘thank you’ is enough, but thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to pray for us. We ask for continued prayers when thought of, and that my pregnancy continues to be healthy, and at ease. I’m 8 weeks today, and turn over every Wednesday. To think each Wednesday I reach is a new week totally blows my mind!

Until next time…


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