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Replace Your Negative Thoughts with Positive Vibes

We all have our days. Some are worse than others, but it’s how we approach the day and take it on. Coming from someone who has been through the trenches of negativity in my own mind, I made a vow to myself that I would not be on medication to aide my anxiety, negative-stricken thoughts… Continue reading Replace Your Negative Thoughts with Positive Vibes

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How To Get Through Infertility Struggles During the Holidays

Infertility is a tough battle no matter where you’re at in your journey. Whether you’re on day one, or year 10, it’s not an easy journey.

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What a year! | 2016 In Review

Another year down, and more memories were made!

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What’s the baby’s name? Charlotte? Charlee?

Everyone keeps asking, “How do you spell ‘Charlee’?”, “How did you come up with her name?”, “Is it Charlotte, or Charlee?”. Well, let me explain.

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The Meaning of This Blog

You’re probably sitting back thinking, “Nikki hasn’t posted in forever. What the heck is her blog up for??” Yeah, that’s the same thought I had. Let me break down what this thing is to me…