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The Meaning of This Blog


You’re probably sitting back thinking, “Nikki hasn’t posted in forever. What the heck is her blog up for??” Yeah, that’s the same thought I had. Let me break down what this thing is to me…

So, I originally started “NikkiStein.com” because I wanted to blog. I follow quite a few blogs that have pulled me through some tough times on our journey to miracle baby, Charlotte. I would post often on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter what my feelings were throughout the journey, but I felt I wanted to post more. I figured, if I can help just ONE person, whether I knew them or I didn’t, I was satisfied with my blog. It’s also a spot that I can go back and relive the journey of L I F E no matter how good or bad each moment was.

I had what I like to call a ‘come to Jesus moment’ with myself, and this blog. I obviously enjoy sharing my story, even if that only means Danny and my mom read my posts that come to their email (lol), so I’m taking a slightly different direction. I had a couple of minor things I wanted to adjust. First, I had ‘Live Positive’ as the page header, and the name of my Facebook Page, but my website name was still ‘NikkiStein.com’. It just wasn’t clicking for me, so since my domain was already registered, I went with my entire page centering around my name. I know, it’s lovely, right?! 🙂 I got the best last name from the best guy! Que the sappy love music!

OK, so it’s not just about my name, obviously! BUT, if I were to leave this planet today, I would want my name to be remembered as ‘that girl with the blog that tried her best to always end on a positive note’. In the end, I’m not changing my blog completely, but just taking a different spin. Instead of just posting about infertility (which I will still support awareness of), I want to share the good times, the not so good times, and still vow to always end on a positive note.

I have some blog post ideas in mind for the next month, and I’m very excited to get back on track with sharing our life’s stories.

As far as an update for life itself: I’m now 28 weeks, 4 days pregnant with little Charlotte Ann (Charlee). She kicks like CRAZY, but is still stubborn as an ox… That, I blame completely on Danny! For a while, she was waking up when I woke up. However, lately the only way I get her stubborn behind up is a little country music on the belly. I’m loving every second of this journey, and CANNOT believe I am less than 12 weeks away from meeting our little girl! Danny is busy with football as we inch closer to the State Championship game, and enjoys feeling Charlee kick away. Between football and our jobs, we are just savoring each day we have left of just us, and the sleep!

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