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What’s the baby’s name? Charlotte? Charlee?

What's the baby's name

Everyone keeps asking, “How do you spell ‘Charlee’?”, “How did you come up with her name?”, “Is it Charlotte, or Charlee?”. Well, let me explain.

When Danny and I started dating, we had talked about kids from day one. We both knew we wanted to have 2-3 kids some day down the road, and we would talk about baby names whenever the subject came up. For THE LONGEST time we had both liked Devyn Nicole for a girl, and Danny Lee III for a boy. That still remains for a boy to carry on Danny’s name, but that obviously changed once we found out we were pregnant. I had said from day one, and Danny did as well, that we had a gut feeling our first was a girl. We started discussing if Devyn Nicole was the name we wanted to go with. Could we picture calling this baby, if she was a girl, Devyn…?

I do have to admit, I loved the meaning of the name Devyn. It essentially meant what it looks like, divine. Nicole is my first name, meaning ‘victory of the people’. I don’t know where that goes, LOL, but there it is. I also have read in the past, and recently with my trusty Google search that Nicole is described to be someone with a  deep inner desire for love and companionship, and the want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony. That certainly describes me, without a doubt!

However, Devyn just wasn’t clicking for us. I remember earlier this year before even knowing the gender, we tossed names back and forth through text. I may have liked one, but Danny didn’t, vise versa. Then, one of us, I don’t remember who suggested Charlotte. I thought it was beautiful! Charlotte to me spoke a strong, young, beautiful little girl to grow into a successful woman. On top of that, I love a good nickname. I thought on it for a bit, and thought, “Charlie! No, wait, C-h-a-r-l-e-e.” The ‘l-e-e’ is the key factor here.

Have you picked up on it yet? Do you remember Danny’s middle name? Lee. IF, indeed we had a girl cooking in me, she already had her daddy wrapped, and I wanted her name to include part of her dad. I texted Danny right away, and asked, “What about Charlotte, Charlee for short? CharLEE instead of Charlie, like a boy? I want her to have part of your name, so that’s where I got ‘Lee’ in Charlee.” I remember him texting back immediately, “Aww babe, I love it! Do you want her middle name to be Marie, like yours??” I simply replied, “No. I thought Ann would be a pretty match. Charlotte Ann Stein. What do you think?!” Danny said, “I love it! That’s it!”

It’s not that I don’t like my middle name, in fact, I love the name I was given, Nicole Marie. I just thought Charlotte Ann had a nice ring to it. So, the ongoing question we get is how we got to Charlee, and will we call her Charlotte? Of course we will! Not just when she is in trouble with her daddy 🙂 For the most part, we refer to her as Charlee to anyone we talk to, but we also refer to her as Charlotte. Especially when she is being stubborn in my belly! Regardless, I’m sure the day she gets here we will think of 20 other nicknames. Danny started with Nugget before we knew Charlee was a girl, and now he recently started calling her Charlee Bear. Momma sticks with Charlotte and Charlee for now.

A note to Charlotte: Baby Girl,

Mommy and Daddy don’t know what you look like, we last saw you at 20 weeks old, and you had your hand covering your face… I told Daddy that you were stubborn like him already, haha! As I write you a short note, you’re wiggling around like a little bean in Momma’s belly… OK, a big bean! You have given me a run for my money all day today, and I keep telling myself, “Just 2 more months!” Daddy and I talked about you for a while tonight. He was telling me how he pictures you and him hanging out, then he carries you to bed in your princess dress, and boots. He pictures you calling him daddy, and clinging to him. One day you’ll have read this, and probably laugh at us, but we are SO excited for you and will love you forever and ever. When I wrote this I was just hitting 30 weeks pregnant with you. We couldn’t wait to meet you, and love you more than you’ll ever know! I couldn’t wait to build a strong relationship with you and be your best friend!

Mommy and Daddy love you SO much!!

Thank you, guys for continuing to follow along with our journey! I’m sure you’ve picked up by now that this blog flops around with posts, so that’s why I’ve decided to classify myself as a ‘lifestyle blogger’. A little bit of everything! Let me know some ideas for posts that you’d like to see. If you know me personally, or have gotten to know me, you know I’m open for any and all suggestions! I look forward to new relationships and opportunities to be built!

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