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Wow… How many baby showers?!

nikki stein baby shower

I have to say, I am in complete shock! In a way I am, and in a way I am not.

Danny and I weren’t given just one baby shower. Not two. But THREE! As first time parents you more than likely expect one baby shower to get you prepared for the new addition that’s to come. Everyone is excited, and wants to get you gifts to get you going. You go through the joy, and small amount of stress to put together a baby registry. Research, questions, advice, and an ounce of clueless, you throw together a list of things you feel you’ll need.

Danny and I never thought we would be where we are today with practically everything we wanted and needed, with just a little left to buy. Not to mention, what’s left to buy still hasn’t come from our pocket because we’ve received an abundance of gift cards and money to supply for Charlee!

My mom threw our first shower, which was a complete hit! Despite her and I both being sick as dogs, it was one of the most memorable days I’ll ever remember for my first baby!

Shower #2? My coworkers! I never expected something so sweet, and so many generous people to come together and support Danny and I.

Shower #3? Danny’s coworkers! We were at Danny’s boss’s home for a Christmas dinner, and out of nowhere Danny and I were told to come to the living room. Come to find, everyone rallied together and got us gifts. Here I’m thinking they’re all walking in with Christmas gifts, and we came empty handed!

Oh my goodness. I thought the showering stopped at our family & friends, but still, people continue to give. It is the season of giving, but let’s be real. We never expected to receive the amount we have. Every gift means the world to us, because I don’t plan to take a full 3 months off from work, so the pennies you all have saved us in not having to buy this gift and that gift, is something we will forever┬ábe thankful for! We’re working on saving whatever we can at this point to cover for bills while I’m out of work. We decided to not do Christmas gifts for family or friends this year, and told everyone to not get us anything as well. Danny and I decided to do Christmas just for the two of us, and budget the rest of our money towards the time I’ll be out with Charlee.

I promise you, if you’ve given a gift, we can’t thank you enough! We are beyond thankful for the love, support, and continued prayers of a healthy pregnancy for myself and baby. I’m asked on the daily how I feel, and my usual go-to answer is, “I’m tired for the obvious reasons, but other than that I’m doing great!”. It is the honest truth. I still get occasional migraines which are a huge bummer, but aside from those, God has far beyond blessed me with an easygoing pregnancy. I sometimes throw a fit at night trying to get comfortable when all I want to do is sleep, but that is the worst I get. I’m working on upping my water intake on the daily to keep any swelling down, while also watching my sodium intake. We also took care of picking out Charlee’s pediatrician this week. Little by little we are crossing things off and preparing for her debut!

Like I’ve said several times, and will continue to say, THANK YOU!!! We truly, truly, truly are blessed by amazing family and friends!!! We love you all & thank God for your blessings!

Danny, I & Charlee wish you all a lovely Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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